02 April 2010

Silkworm Pupa?

Silkworm Pupa.  You sometimes have to be prepared for anything when visiting your favorite Asian grocer. Recalling my general science days, I believe the pupa comes right after the 'larva' stage in some insects....  It's coming upon little shocks as this that made me start saying to myself, "What the H-mart?"-- which is the name of my favorite shopping place.  Looking at the ingredients you will indeed find that the first and foremost is, 'Chrysalis'.  Yep.   I sat this up on a shelf in our kitchen for awhile.  It was quickly found to be a source of curious conversation, as well as a handy weapon when dealing with a defiant child.  "I'll tell you what.  You can take 2 days of being grounded -- or you can eat a can of silkworm pupa...which would you prefer?"  The can remains unopened.  But with 20grams of protein packed into this 4.12oz tin, I'm sure there's a delectable purpose for this product (?) I just wish I knew what it was.  I might even try it -- and video the event.

P.S.:  It's seasoned with soy sauce and sugar.  Crunch away!

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